Boy Scouts of America Troop Council 20 recently earned their merit badges at the Plumbers Local 93 Union Hall with the help of volunteer members.

“I accompanied my son to the plumbing merit badge yesterday, and wanted to let you know how impressed I was. I like to think I know a lot about teaching, and I know very very little about plumbing. The day was extremely well done, well organized, and well designed for kids. It was at the training center for plumbers so it is set up for hands on practice. They had a couple of instructors for each group of 7 kids. Some were plumbers in training so just learned the material, some had decades of experience. Each of the instructors truly had a feel for how to teach. They kept the kids, and my interest, for 4 hours.

It was very hands on, and so appealed to the kids. The kids cut pipes, threaded pipes, removed traps and faucets and replaced them and soldered copper pipe. I learned a lot. Robert came home and took me through our house to show me all the parts he had learned about.

No need to respond, I just wanted you to know how truly impressed I was with the plumbing merit badge day. Thanks for making this available to us.”

Mitchell Robert’s Dad – Troop 20

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